Tuesday, January 12, 2010

So a little about me.

Ok first off, I am a mom of two gorgeous little girls. Their names are Julia (12) and Katie (10). I have an amazing husband named Tyler and 3 cats Angel, Savannah and Sinjey. As well as a frantically happy and constant source of energy known as Sadie (our 4 month old Golden Retreaver).

We live a pretty crazy and at times overly exspensive life. I have had the tendancy to buy things that were convenient and will usually pay alot more for that convenience, then I normally would. The last six months in our life have seen us get married, buy a house, oh and get a new puppy. So just a few things that have tested our budget. Throw in some good old family holidays like christmas and Thanksgiving (which I normally host for the convenience of my youngest daughter who is in a wheelchair), and we pretty much can kiss the budget goodbye.

My husband is a god send in so many  ways. First off, he is my inspiration for thriftiness. This man saved almost 4 months income for bills in a 3 month time period. He hates debt. His motto is if we dont have the money to buy it, then we dont need it. I was brought up just the opposite unfortunately. The motto around my house growing up was "If we dont have the money to buy it, we will just charge it". Sadly that mind set took me a long time to overcome. I am still working on it. It is my goal this year to find a way to save enough, so that we can stop living pay check to pay check. Be able to increase our deductions for our retirement funds to the max allowed instead of the minimum. Also I would like to see us add the two extra payments a year to our mortgage to pay it off sooner.

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