Monday, January 25, 2010

Friend Makin Monday!

AE Filkins is hosting Friends making monday. She has this little meme. Its pretty cool. Go over and check it out and make some new connections! Don't forget to link up while you are there! The meme is originally from the simple womans daybook. I love that this is getting spread around and so many people are enjoying it!

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... There is no window in my cubie (at work) :(

I am thinking.... About getting some chocolate from the vending machine **STOP ME**!! hehe

I am thankful... For my family, my husband, my beautiful children, the ability to shelter them and care for them and not worry about what tomorrow will bring. 

I am praying... For Haiti, and all the children. Dear Lord, keep them in your arms and protect them. 

I am reading... The Legacy of the Drow (I'm a nerd).

I am creating... My blog! I loved writing when I was younger and somehow got away from it. This has been so cathartic. 

From the kitchen... I know I have dishes to do. 

Around the house... are usually many little shreds of paper from our golden puppy sadie. 

One of my favorite things... My husbands laugh and his arms. When he lays his hand on my head and silently supports me in that way that he is so good at.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Make new friends, hit my goals at work, Focus on my writing, get my daughters nurses schedule fixed, Show my husband that I love him more then anything. Show my daughters that I love THEM more then anything, and get some rest. Always a challenge for me lol. 

***UPDATE the Chocolate won...and I dont regret it!!! hehe*****


  1. LOL @ choclate from the vending machine. Happy FMM!

  2. Take the one will judge. :)
    I love your plans for the rest of the week. Very close to home as they should be be.

    Happy FMM!

  3. That was one of my favorite things about working in an office, whenever I needed a break a trip to the vending machine could make me feel better for about 15 minutes - at least until the sugar crash! I still frequented the vending machine anyway, crash or no crash chocolate is good stuff.

    Happy FMM!

  4. I understand. I miss writing. My blog has brought back my love for it. I also get that showing your family more how much you love them.

  5. Happy FMM! Hope you have a great week.