Monday, February 14, 2011

1940's Oxblood Suitcase.

This piece is such an iconic piece of our societies past. You feel as though it should be hand carried onto a train and not put into the cargo bay of a plane. I am in love with the oxblood color. The rich dark tones and feel of the leather reminds me of when everything was crafted by a master, and not just made my machine. 

The measurements are approximately: 27L x 10W x 19H. It is a stunning piece for home decor or for that vintage bride that is leaving on her honeymoon. Either way I hope you adore it as much as me. 

The patina on the brass closures and name plate adds so much character. All fasteners, hinges and the handle are in perfect working order. There is no key for the lock though. 

The case has a regular amount of wear for an item of its age. There are several scuffs on the exterior that are clear in the photos and the inside has some very minor discoloration. Otherwise the interior is completely intact. I just adore this piece!