Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vintage Hall- Welter Speedrite Check Writer


Awesome Vintage check writer/ protector. Works perfectly. Purchased in Maine from a Local company that used it for years. The printer is still in working order as you can see from the photo. 

We played with this a bit and it prints very nicely. All the numbers work. No disabling injuries of any kind. Still in working condition.

Would make a wonderful conversation piece in any vintage or steam punk home!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lovely set of Blue stars and moons pattern candy dishes.

Continuing my blue Sunday theme. I have finally located the pattern design of these. These are from the LE Smith Moon and Stars Pattern. This pattern is a great historical piece. The original design dating back to the 1800's (at that time it was called the palace design,) and was rumored to be the favorite glassware of Abraham Lincoln. 

It was then reproduced by LE Smith in the 1930's. This is when the pattern truly became popular. These bowls date from this period. 

My Blue Sunday.

I think I have decided today to only post Blue items. Perhaps this will turn into a trend! Lets start with this adorable blue Compote dish!

love this compote. It stands 7 1/4" high and is 6" wide at the center of the bowl and 3 3/8" at the base. The pattern is the lovely Indiana Glass Diamond Point pattern. No chips or scratches. In mint condition. 

This would make a great addition to a Vintage Wedding candy table, or to hold some lovely flowers. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gorgeous Vintage Carnival Glass Vase.

Head over here and check this lovely out! 

This lovely vase has hues of both blue and green. this is just the most striking piece! Depending on the lighting the bottom either appears a deep blue or purple, and the top goes from a light brown to a deeper green. Its just stunning! 

1961 Pyrex Gourmet Promotional Delphite Blue Round Cinderella Cassarole Dish

Just posted this. Love the casserole dishes from the 60's so pretty!

This casserole dish was a special promotional dish made in the winter of 1961. The entire casserole is Delphite Blue, but the sides of the casserole are fired on white. You can just make out the blue hue through the white. Making it seem a pale blue. The base is not painted. The leaf pattern is gold leaf.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kinda cool.

Etsy Maine chose my shop as the Maine artist of the month. How cool is that? I'm feeling pretty honored. I just started doing this so its very cool to be recognized and helped along by my peers. Check out the blog. There are allot of links to allot of great Maine artisans and vintage dealers. I think you will enjoy!

Vintage Amethyst Hued Maine Milk Bottle.

Just posted this morning! I love this bottle. Just the slightest tint of purple. Its very pretty in a window!


Revamp and refresh!

whew... its been a few months since I have posted. As you can see I'm taking my blog in a whole new direction. Welcome to Vintage New England! Like? This blog will be to help with my new etsy shop. I also hope to introduce you to some of my other favorites on etsy. So stay tuned!

Let me know what you think!