Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti comment / follower drive!!!

As a mom and a citizen of the world, I, like many of you have watched in sadness and horror at the disaster as it has unfolded in Haiti. I am adding a link to my side board, and also please feel free to follow this one. Remember just like we have learned about saving, no amount is to small to save. The same can be said about giving. No amount can be to small.

I came acrossed this story about medically fragile children from Haiti who are in the US for medical care for life threatening conditions. I have decided that I will be donating my links and comments donations to this group. Having a child with Spina Bifida and all the additional medical challenges she has faced. I can not imagine her born in a third world country where medical care was not available for her. I can only imagine the courage and determination of the mothers that travel hundreds of miles, sometimes on foot to see under equipted doctors that in the end can not help. I just dont know what as a mother I would do. I would hope I had the faith and determination I see in the eyes of the women on this site.

I have been inspired by many of the moms that are part of the thrifty movement that has taken over these last few years. These link and comment drives are raising millions! sometimes pennys at a time. So here is my offering. For every comment I receive I will donate .50 cents to the medical advocacy team. For every link I will donate $1.00, for every new follower (since this site is new I can gauge this pretty easy lol, I will donate $2.00. so please feel free to do all three! 


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  1. Thank you for participating! We can do great things together. :)