Tuesday, February 9, 2010

God Truly is great!

I have been following the chronicle of a little boy named Bronson and his mom Sara and their family for the last week. Like so many others here in blog land have. I sit here crying (at work), for joy for this family. Today their baby boy finally woke up. I was so scared for them when she was describing some of his symptoms. This story hit very close to my heart because it was a story about an accident that could happen to any of us. That has sadly happened in my family. To be able to watch this family go through such similar feelings that ours did, and yet, in the end have such a joyous outcome. Praise the lord for their outcome!! We lost our sweet baby niece Isabella, but their sweet baby Bronson was saved! Perhaps Isabella tugged on gods pants and asked him to listen to half the globe shouting their prayers in support of this family and child.

Perhaps she gave him one of her impish little smiles (like this) and told him to take care of that family. Either way I am joyful for them! It was healing to see them go through this. Perhaps because she blogged with such intensity that it allowed me to work through stuff I never got to, or perhaps it was just that I am at the point in my own grief that I can think of her and smile.

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