Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feeling slightly better!

OK needing to get back on the blogger wagon here! I wanted to start today with this great offer that was given to me by General Mills. I was given a chance to product test the new Chocolate cheerios. I was sincerely impressed. They taste like a great chocolate treat. But with only 100 calories per serving (3/4 of a cup), they are not a bad snack for those that are watching their calorie intake. I think the best thing I can say about these though, is that my hubby LOVED them. He is not usually a big sweets fan, but he grabbed them out of the box last night and was like. Hey these really are good. Yay!! Low calorie chocolate snack! He actually had a bowl this morning for breakfast and was all happy when he got to drink the chocolate milk at the end! He can be such a kid at times!

Any who I got a bunch of coupons with my free box, and I would love to share! So I think I will toss a couple of them in with my giveaway. I will also be passing on some of my cover girl lovelies. That will be a post to come in a few days though. Once I get all of my try & tell's done on my friends done.