Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Free Magazine Subscription

This is kinda cool. My daughter is a cheerleader so I was pretty excited about this offer. Click here for a free 1 year subscription to american cheerleader magazine. We have gotten this before. I find it nice to see what is new and upcoming in the world of cheerleaders. Some of the stunts they have the kids doing this day in age is nuts, and its nice to get a heads up on these and other issues that are in the community.

The irony of the fact that my daughter is a cheerleader (and a really good one too). Myself? I was an all the way band geek. Like marched in Drum Corps 4 summers and everything. I wouldnt have been caught dead as a cheerleader. I find now though that I really do see the athletic side of what these girls do. So go grab it and enjoy!

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