Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vintage Etsy Society: keeping it cohesive

Natalie, over at the Vesties Blog has a new post regarding cohesiveness of your shop. Trying not to stretch yourself to thin. We have all been there. Walked into a thrift store, or a flea market and there it is.... across the room.... that treasure you saw on someone else's shop that really caught your eye. You decide to buy it, to sell, even though it is more retro and your shop is more shabby chic. You get it home, notice right away it doesn't quite fit in. You think to yourself. Well that must just be because it is so special! You shoot a bunch of photos. Edit said photos, research the item... List it...


and it sits.. why? because in the end it was not your style, and your customer base was not looking for that item. So there is less exposure to the customers that do want that item.

Recently I bought a load of figurines that appeared to be a collection. I got them home and researched them. They all had marginal value (around $5-10 dollars). I decided that they were to much work, and took them back. They didn't match anything else in my store, they would have taken alot of work and alot of time to research and price and photograph. Then they would have sat for a long time before selling. So I guess I am already starting to learn?

Vintage Etsy Society: keeping it cohesive: "You may find that most of the items you select for your shop tend to be from a certain time period or decade. Whether that's a coincidence..."

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